Aging Together in New York  (Producer, Director, Editor, Art Direction, Sound Design, VFX) is a ten-part, two-minute short interview commission through Buffalo/Toronto Public media that seeks to address senior isolation by showcasing seniors (65+) sharing the pastimes & strategies that keep them excited by life. Airing & streaming in 2024.

Sylvia continues to find her passion in visual arts and connect with other artists via the internet, even though she is now housebound. 

Maria combats senior isolation by connecting with her Ukrainian roots. Although retired, she still works one day a week, serving traditional Ukrainian meals at the Dnipro Ukrainian Cultural Center in Buffalo, NY. 

Steve combats senior isolation by working with young people voluntarily in video production. He enjoys mentoring young filmmakers and learning new technology with them. 

Stratton reflects on how his lifelong passion for nature keeps him connected with others as he ages. 

A professional woman wrestler earlier in life, Debbera looks back on a diverse career path and how determination fuels her passion for advocacy and justice.

Mike Costello, a multi-black belt holder, achieves balance and positivity through dedicated martial arts practice, meditations, and nurturing personal relationships. YouTube publish date: 5/01/24

Artist and Social Activist Arrie Moore embraces the aging process with optimism, self-reflection, and active involvement in community service. YouTube publish date: 5/04/24

Author Vickie Rubin appreciates the beauty in life's unforeseen turns and recognizes the amazing opportunity that retirement provides for rediscovering forgotten interests and passions. YouTube publish date: 5/06/24

Hkawng Lung finds joy in regular community engagement. Through her volunteer work at Stitch Buffalo, she actively contributes to the preservation of her native culture. YouTube publish date: 5/08/24

Carol Speser talks about the difference between solitude and loneliness. As a self-identifying community organizer and lifelong LGBTQ+ activist, Carol continues to find joy and community in her life's work, even if it is at a slower pace. YouTube publish date: 5/11/24

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