Aging Together in New York 

(Producer, Director, Editor, Art Direction, Sound Design, VFX)

is a ten-part, two-minute short interview series with seniors (65+) sharing the pastimes & strategies that keep them excited by life. Airing & streaming in 2024, the series features a diverse range of adults, sharing the pastimes and philosophies that keeps them excited about life.

Sylvia Kleindinst, a former art educator and accomplished multi-genre fine artist, maintains her passion for life through various interests, her daily art practice, and a robust connection to her community through Facebook.

Daily art practice and social media connection keep Sylvia enthusiastic about life.

Maria Hanupsiak stays happy and fulfilled by preparing traditional Ukrainian dishes such as Varenyky (Pierogi) and Holubtsi (Cabbage Rolls) at the Ukrainian American Cultural Center. 

Maria maintains her health and happiness by feeding Buffalonians Ukrainian food.

Steve Rosenthal, is following up his first decades-long career as a professional as an independent filmmaker. With 4-5 feature films, multiple short films, and documentaries under his belt since his first filmmaking class in 1994,  Steve thrives by assisting local nonprofit organizations and independent creators as a director, producer, camera operator, and sound tech and mentor to aspiring storytellers.

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